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"With Mala’s guidance I have grown as a person both spiritually and emotionally.  I now believe I know who I am and this is all down to Mala’s teaching and wisdom.  I also have Reiki Two thanks to Mala’s skills as a Reiki Master.

I recommend Mala to you without reservation because I have benefited hugely from working with her. Anne"

-  Anne   (


I first met Mala in the spring of 2008.   

A very good friend of mine called Mandy became very ill around this time.  Mandy contacted Mala to ask for some reiki, at this point Mandy was willing to try anything to help ease the discomfort she was in.  I remember Mandy phoning me the morning of the day she was to have her first treatment with Mala,  she was unsure she would be able to go ahead with reiki as she was in so much pain she could neither sit down or lay down for any length of time.  I encouraged Mandy to go ahead with the appointment and just see what happened. 

In the afternoon I received another phone call from Mandy to say she had seen Mala and it was an amazing experience, all her pain had gone away and she felt happy and relaxed.  Mandy told me that during the treatment she had seen beautiful colours and felt so peaceful, I couldn't believe the change in my friend!  Mala continued to treat Mandy throughout her illness, she made a huge difference to Mandy's quality of life and helped ease the suffering where modern medicine failed. 

I enjoyed many treatments with Mala and eventually went on to study reiki one with Mala, and consider it to be one of the most important and life changing experiences of my life.  I now work on a voluntary basis as a therapist in massage within a local hospice and out in the community and reiki healing is a significant part of the treatment I provide.
Mala is a very special lady, she has so many wonderful gifts and is a brilliant teacher, changing the lives of those around her, I have always considered her to be a very powerful earth angel.  Mala's work is nothing short of pure magic,  assisting people to be the very best that they can be,  there is no greater gift than that. 

Mala's path is one of love and light and if you are lucky enough to meet Mala on your journey, then I guarantee you will be touched by her magic and life will never be quite the same again!
Thank you Mala for being my earth angel.           

Faith – (


I set off for Mala’s for my Reiki 1 Course in December 2008. There was a lovely lady, Mala, dressed all in white, with a smile from ear to ear, standing on the doorstep to welcome me. We hugged and it felt as if I had known her already!

Mala told me about her seeing my spirit guide – a monk. It was a fabulous day. I learned so much. I saw so much. The colours and spiritual images and the Reiki was wonderful.

On Sunday 22nd of February and Mala’s Reiki Share included some of her Reiki students, like us, and those in her meditation group. This was, for me, a momentous occasion. Reiki or a Reiki massage is wonderful. Mala’s hands, moving from point to point, chakra to chakra, healing and balancing my body. But now, imagine all of them, indeed six or more Reiki therapists, all doing it, all at once! That is a Reiki share! Each person takes it in turns to lie on the treatment table, whilst the 5 or 6 others, each at a different position along your body, begin their Reiki treatment. After 3 - 5 minutes, the healers move on to the next position, so that after 25 minutes or so, each healer has given Reiki to the person on the couch at each position, whilst Mala was opening up and balancing their chakras! Bringing their body into balance. Words like electric, energy, light and love, concentrated healing, the universe, together with superlatives like fantastic, brilliant, powerful and amazing can all be used to describe this experience.

It is also a lot more besides! A half-day (or longer) with a whole bunch of very positive people buzzing with healing energy. Group meditation, wonderful sights, sounds and smells. Crystals, Angel Cards, cymbals, singing bowls, incense and essential oils! Stimulating music, singing, hugging, breathing, dancing and chanting to increase the Reiki energy. A very safe environment. A very special environment. And breaking bread together, sharing our food and ideas over lunch and tea. Leaving elated, loved, energised and yet at peace. So warm and loverly, as in “wouldn’t it be... loverly”. You just want to shout out loud “Wow! Thank You!” It was the motivation for me to really want to study Reiki further, to realise the potential and seek to do my Reiki II. How can you say ‘Thank You!’

My Reiki II course was on Saturday 25th April. This time I had been curious about what lay ahead and had found that with Reiki II you will learn about the Reiki symbols and how to give distance healing. More importantly, as Mala told me, Reiki II works on you on an emotional level and brings forward further changes to your life.

Bearing in mind that I know very little about my Reiki Master, Mala has this ability to open you up and allow you to feel in total safety, in a very highly charged setting and yet experience some amazing things! I wish I had immediately written down everything that I could remember from this special day, like the colours of the chakras to the images of the symbols, the smells and other sensations, of the natural co-existence of excitement and peace, to the sheer power of the attunements.

I know that Mala sees my spirit guide, when I am with her like this. I believe she sees my aura and probably reads me like a manuscript of life. She takes me on this journey and as scared as I might be, she reaches out a confident hand to show me the way, from one path to the next.

Simon -


Mala's meditation sessions were inspiring, welcoming, thoroughly enjoyable and allowed me to meet like minded people. I was instantly warmed to Mala due to her cheerful, open and loving personality. The relaxed and homely atmosphere created by Mala made for a perfect platform to experience a deep sense of meditation and unity with those in the room.

I truly miss these sessions, if I could still attend I most certainly would! Thanks Mala x

- Claire


Mala puts you at ease as soon as you meet her. She is warm, friendly, funny & her sessions are the same. Although I try to practice meditation on my own it is always good to be able to have support in a small, intimate and safe environment and this is exactly what Mala provides. I met people who were on the same wavelength as me & I learned an awful lot. Mala really has inspired me to carry on with my spiritual learning and development. I would also say that Mala's session are ideal for anyone interested in meditation/healing - be they newcomers or more experienced meditators/healers.



Mala is a gifted and inspirational teacher, her meditation groups and workshops were not just relaxing, energising and great fun but gently life changing.  The synchronicity of the Universe brought us together, there are no coincidences! 

Thank You



Meditation for Soul and Spirit
When my spirit and soul was lost
In the darkness of my mind
I met Mala.
Smiled, and with her beautiful guided mediations,
Humour and compassion,
Gently showed my feet the path
My spirit and soul the light.
Now, I am no longer in the darkness,
But reborn.
Love and blessings



"The meditation sessions that I have been to have been a truly wonderful experience and by meditating I have changed my life and have started an amazing spiritual journey. I have met wonderful people along the way by going to these sessions and I thank you all for enlighting my life. I would recommend to anyone to go along and find how it can open up and change your life for the better."

Take care,

Lots of love,

Tanya x x x



I was in despair and ready to walk away from my job, my husband, my life.

But then Reiki found me at a time I needed it most through Reiki Master Mala Mandalia.

Mala is a wonderful intuitive teacher and Reiki l & 11 has enabled me to heal myself and also to heal those closest to me. I offer her my heartfelt gratitude.

Reiki is a gift and I’m now on my own amazing universal healing journey.

You really do only have to Ask and Receive.

D, Cambs


Mala's natural warmth and enthusiasm puts everyone at ease, she always brings fun and laughter into her classes as well as being incredibly clear and informative. I challenge anyone not to enjoy time spent with Mala.

Lisa , Northants

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