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“I suffer from a lot of shoulder pain and Indian Head Massage helps reduce this pain. I feel energised after a treatment and happier. Thanks.”
Zelda, Northants

“It is so relaxing having this treatment. I look forward to my weekly treat”
Anon, Northants


Indian head Massage


Indian Head Massage can be used in conjunction with other complementary or conventional medical treatments. It is suitable for anyone.

What is the history of Indian Head Massage?

This therapy is an ancient Indian art passed over many generations as an effective healing therapy.

What benefits does Indian Head Massage have?

Indian head massage works on a physical and psychological level.

What happens during an Indian Head Massage treatment?

You receive a deeply relaxing massage to the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp or face. The massage is given using a blended massage oil selected by you.

Benefit from a specialist therapist who is a qualified member of the International Institute of Holistic Health Therapies since 2000.

The treatment lasts for 45 minutes and includes a mini-Reiki treatment at the end.

Indian head massage – £20


For further information see CONTACT US page or to book a treatment click Here

On site treatments available for you.

If you are an organisation looking for stress management benefits for your employees then on site treatments are available. Please CONTACT US for further details and SPECIAL RATES for block bookings

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